Colour Matching
(Custom PMS Matching)


Ink Colours & Graphic Designs

We cannot guarantee ink colours based on visual mock-ups alone due to monitors varying significantly from one computer to another. Therefore, our graphic team will assign a colour code/Pantone number from our ink collection that is the closest match to the colour of your design you upload to us. As a result, your finished product may slightly vary than your original artwork.


Pantone Matching

To ensure that you receive the right colour in your printed garments is to assign it to a pantone number. If you provide us with a specific pantone number, this helps us to eliminate it from another shade/color. 


Final Product

Please note, even if we are given a Pantone number, we cannot always promise exact color matching. This is due to a number of factors that impact inks and thread colors (embroidery) during the production process such as: appearance on screen/computer monitors, lighting, and apparel fabrics. Therefore, if color matching is crucial, ordering a sample or a small bulk order first is a great way to see and test your colours.


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